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(Updated March 4, 2004)

This section is a readily accessible, quick, concise reference to photos and basic information concerning diverse varieties of Hibiscus as below click on corresponding category.

In the H. Rosa-sinensis Hybrid Archive, if you want to find a specific cultivar, click on the drop down CV LIST menu (upper right side on that page), scroll down to the name of the cv you are looking for and click. This will take you directly to the page on which that variety is found. If you would just like to browse, click any letter of the alphabet, scroll down and continue by clicking on the next page.

By way of explanation:
CVNAME: = Cultivated Variety Name
COLOR GROUP: = Basic color group the bloom falls into, i.e., Red, Orange, White, Brown, Purple, etc.
SGL/DBL: = Single or Double
REG/MINI: = Regular (in excess of 5") or Miniature (smaller than 5")
SIZERNG: = Size range of bloom in inches, maybe be followed by size in centimeters.
HYBRIDIZER: = Person who made the cross and produced the seed.
MOTHER: = The seed parent
FATHER: = The pollen parent
SET SEED: = Yes or no, i.e., the cv is known to produce seed or not
COLOR: = More detailed description of the color. The # refers to the Royal Horticultural Society color chart.
BLOOM = Detailed description of bloom:
Texture = refers to thickness of the petals.
Overlapped = refers to the degree one petal covers the adjacent petal.
Ruffled = refers to the wavy effect of the outer perimeter of petal edges
Tufted = refers to the uplifted, wavy effect of the inner petal edges.
Reflexed = refers to the backward rolling of the petals
LEAF: = Description of leaf characteristics.
BUSH: = Description of bush form including its ability to grow as a cutting on its own root or whether it does best grafted onto root stock.
PHOTO CREDIT = The person that took the photo

Note: we welcome reader comments, corrections and additions. Concerning the donation of photos, be it known that members: 1) should first confirm that a photo of the cv in question is desired by the IHS for its archives by sending inquiry to snowball@libero.it and 2) provide said photo (s) as per the understanding and instructions in Photo Competition Program, #9 This material will be periodically added to this collection, which, with your assistance, will hopefully produce a formidable body of information of value to most anyone interested in hibiscus.


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