Monday, 19 February 2018
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If at any time you experience difficulty with the online registration form, the downloadable PDF below allows you to fill out the form at your convenience and then send it via email. Please read the instructions below to familiarize yourself with all the available tools. The PDF form can be downloaded here:





1. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader for your operating system (PC, Mac, etc.) to be able to fill out the form.


2. Use the link above to open the PDF form and save it to your device. After saving the PDF form, open it and in the right side panel, click on the "Fill & Save" as shown below.

 Fill sign



3. The PDF form will open and you will now be able to use the tools at the top of the form (see below) to enter text or select items on the form.

 Top tools



4. To move from one page to another, use the tools located at the bottom of the form (see below).

Bottom tools


5. Fill in your name and email address which is normally always the same. Save the PDF with a name such as Registration Form Template. Each time you use the form to register a new cultivar, this information is already on the form and never needs to be entered again.

 name email


6. Now the MOST IMPORTANT step. Open your template file and IMMEDIATELY save it with the name of the cultivar you are going to register. This has two purposes: to ensure you always have a blank registration form and a form for each cultivar that allows you to enter data at your convenience.


7. Use any of the tools to select items - the choice is yours (see examples below).tool use


8. Please note that any entry can be changed or deleted as necessary and make sure that all required fields are filled out.


9. When you are satisfied that all the data is correct, email the PDF form along with all the neccesary photos to the email address at the bottom of the form