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Hybridized by RICHARD JOHNSON, Tahiti

TahPrincess2003350RJ 5-3-09


HOTY 2003 Winner

(2003 winner finalized in 2009)


Tahitian Princess was awarded the IHS HOTY, Hibiscus of the Year, for 2003. It was bred and entered by Richard Johnson, (Tahiti). It has an extra large bloom, measuring 8-9 inches and was made from the cross of Grand Hyatt x Silver Memories. Here we provide you some of the photos and supplemental data submitted to the HPOJ, HOTY Panel Of Judges, upon which they based their votes to select the eventual winner.

Our congratulations go to Richard for winning the first IHS HOTY competition. We thank the hybridizers who entered candidates in this program, in this case at their own expense. We thank the evaluators who grew the plants and provided the photos and data. We thank Nina Bjelovucic, the IHS HOTY coordinator, for her tireless efforts in collecting this information from the trailing stations and passing it to the HPOJ. We of course thank the judges and most of all we thank the membership for participating in the initial SOTY selections, which form the core of the IHS HOTY Program. In this respect the IHS is unique in that the membership and affiliates are able to vote on what they consider to be the most beautiful of the candidates presented, after which the HPOJ narrows the field based upon their expert evaluation of the candidates chosen by the membership.

The top five candidates were selected from a field of 12, ( Tahitian Dragon, Tahitian Passion, Tahitian Princess, Tropical Sunrise and Patricia Ellen ). [Photos of the 12 entries can be seen here: ]. However, Tropical Sunrise and Patricia Ellen were withdrawn by their respective hybridizers. The candidate with the most points was selected as the first IHS SOTY, Seedling Of The Year. Tahitian Dragon received that honor as the IHS 2003 SOTY, while Tahitian Princess was second and Tahitian Passion third. However, trialing has shown Tahitian Princess to be the best of the candidates tested.

TahPrincessSmall 6-3-09 TahPrincessNo4RJ 5-3-09

Tahitian Princess taken mid morning

Tahitian Princess after 2 days

TahPrincessNo2350 2003 RJ 5-3-09 TahPrincessSmallSideViewRj 5-3-09

Tahitian Princess

Tahitian Princess, side view

TahPrincessSmallPlantN04 5-3-09 TahPrincessPlantSmallNo2 RJ 5-3-09

Tahitian Princess Plant at 1 year old

Tahitian Princess Plant at 2 years old

TahPrincessPlant smallRJ5-3-09 TahPrincessMultiBloomSmall 5-3-09

Tahitian Princess mature bush produces frequent multi blooms up to 15, 8.5 inch flowers while growing in a 15 gall. pot. Some growers have reported flowers over 9 inches.



The judges for the 2003 competition were (in alphabetical order): Antonio Romeu (Brazil), Beth Jordan (Brazil), Hendric Gommer (Holland), Jim Purdie (Australia) and Ursula Lengdobler (Germany). Results of the evaluation are shown below, but please note that these scores are not arranged in any particular order, therefore, should not be construed as corresponding to the order of the judges’ names (above). Richard Johnson is a a member of the HPOJ, but as per IHS HOTY rules could not vote on his entries.




Judge 1

Judge 2

Judge 3

Judge 4

Judge 5


Tahitian Dragon







Tahitian Passion







Tahitian Princess







TahDragon1RJ 21-6-07 TahPassion1RJ 21-6-07

Tahitian Dragon won second place with 42.8% of the votes, and was entered by Richard Johnson

Tahitian Passion won third place with 32.6% of the votes and was entered by Richard Johnson