Monday, 19 February 2018
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The IHS has over the years developed 3 awards or trophies that are presented to members for their achievements. One trophy (The Joseph Dimino Award) is only awarded on rare occasions for exemplary contributions to the IHS and, as of this moment in time, has been presented only once. The remaining two throphies are awarded on an annual basis to the winners of the SOTY (Seedling of the Year) and to the HOTY (Hibiscus of the Year) competitions respectively. Each trophies is unique in design and is meant to provide the recipient a lasting momento to symbolize their contribution to the IHS.



The Joseph Dimino Award


This award was created to honor a person who has given unselfishly of both their time and expertise to the IHS and who has made a lasting impact on the society. The contribution that the recipient has made is one that has made the society a stronger and better organization.


The award was named after just such a man whose legacy to the society is our online database and search functions known as TGHL (The Global Hibiscus Library). Such contributions deserved a very special trophy and the committees final choice was indeed special.




The award is a crystal “flame” with the hottest or purest blue flame in the center which symbolizes the dedication exhibited by the recipient. 



The trophy stands an impressive 15 1/2 inches in height and is made of crystal.







When the award was presented to Joseph Dimino the plaque on the base of the trophy was engraved with the above dedication.







SOTY (Seedling of the Year) Award



As the SOTY (Seedling of the Year) is for the best seedling as chosen annually by the membership, it is only fitting that a picture of the winning seedling be part of the award. Thus the photo plaque was chosen as the SOTY award. This trophy is a wooden wall plaque which features a picture of the winning cultivar in a gold frame plus an inscription plate with the IHS logo in full color as well as a dedication inscription. The design was modified to make both rhe picture and the inscription plate larger.





1st SOTY Clay with award





HOTY (Hibiscus of the Year) Award



The last award to be developed was the HOTY award which was first created and awarded for the HOTY 2006 winner. The trophy is described as a rolling fury of blue flame within a frosted flame art glass standing 9” high and mounted on a black glass base with an inscription plate.