To search for a registered cultivar, you have two options: to type-in the name and click on "Search!" or use "Cultivars Name" drop menu link. If you choose the drop menu, make your selection first and then click on the search button (make sure you select the radio button just before "Cultivars Name"). To search by either Mother or Father, select radio button just before "Mother" or "Father" and type-in name or select from drop menu. This will show you how many times a cultivar has been used as a pod or pollen parent. To see all crosses made up to date, click on "Select Cross" link. If you like to see the results of that particular cross, select from drop menu list. and then click on "Search!" (don't forget radio button). For all other fields (Hybridizer, Origin, Grower, Color, Size, Bloom Type, etc.) select the radio button, and standard filters from the related drop down menu list.
1) To search for an exact word: type-in name.
2) To search a partial name, you must use a jolly % sign at the end. Example: Lady C%
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4) To list CV's alphabetically, type-in A% or B% etc...
5) For an exact word between a paragraph use jolly in front and/or back. %name or name% or %name%

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