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Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
Klobasova Radmila
Czech Republic
Date Registered:  01/01/2018
Bloom Type: Single Regular Reg/Mini: Regular
Zeak Erin Walker
Grower: Eathorne John
Size Range: Medium 6-7 inches or 15-18cm
Photo Credit: Copyright 2018 John Eathorne
Color Group : Brown
Propagation: Unknown
Bloom Colors: Color of veining: Orange, Color of Spots and Splashes: None, Eye Zone Color: Red, Number of Colors: four, Number of Rings of Color: tree, Color of Stamen Pads: Yellowe
Bloom Characteristics: Form of Bloom: Recurved early and flattens out, Bloom Features: Tufted, Petal Overlap: more than 1/2, Veining: moderate, Substance: average, Duration: more than 2 days, Presentation: Upward, Eye Zone Size: medium
Leaf Characteristics: Unknown

Bush Characteristics: Unknown